Employment Opportunity Bangkok

February 7, 2013

Lertlah Schools Thailand is a group of independent primary and middle schools located in Bangkok, Thailand, operating three campuses in the city with plans for expansion. Lertlah is based on the Canadian model of Immersion teaching and runs two separate programs for students. The original program is a full immersion program (LIPS) in which students are provided with 80% English instruction by qualified native English speakers with a background in education.

The program that makes up the majority of the students (over 3000 in three campuses) provides 50% of daily instruction in English. Schools are fully equipped with modern technology and have been designed as optimum learning environments for young students. Curriculum is based on Canadian and Thai standards in order to provide the best quality English instruction, while maintaining the high standards set by the Thai Ministry of Education. Lertlah is accredited by the Manitoba  and Nova Scotia Ministries of Education and has links with the University of Manitoba, the University of Winnipeg, the University of Presque Isle (Maine). Lertlah is currently working on further linkages in Canada, the USA and beyond.

More information is posted in the Career’s display on the second floor in SCARFE, and more information can be obtained by contacting Emma Smith, Recruitment Coordinator, at lertlahrecruiter@gmail.com.


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